Foxfield offers beautiful facilities for horses and riders alike.


Foxfield’s two barns, Red Fox and Grey Fox, house forty horses in fully enclosed box stalls. The other half of the barn’s boarders live in airy stalls on “Pony Island.” Horses in both types of accommodations are fed alfalfa hay twice daily and are bedded with shavings. Stalls are mucked twice daily. Boarders can provide their horses with supplemental feed at their option.

Tack Rooms

Foxfield provides its boarders with four spacious tack rooms. All tack rooms offer private lockers for saddles, bridles, and other equipment. Grey Fox and Red Fox tack rooms offer hot and cold running water.

Exercising Areas

Foxfield’s riding areas include two lighted arenas and an oversized dressage ring. There’s a pair of turn-out areas and a lighted lunging area. Foxfield even has two separate cross-country jumping fields with wide galloping tracks surrounding each.

Grooming Facilities

Foxfield offers two fully-walled two-horse wash racks. Several communal grooming areas offer tie-racks, tack rooms, and mounting blocks.

Other Facilities

For its visitors, Foxfield offers plenty of comfortable seating around its lighted arenas, a heated clubhouse, and a unique People-Jump course.

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1250 East Potrero Road
Westlake Village, CA 91361

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